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First Day of SchooL - August 24, 2015

Support for Grieving Students

The presentation below was provided to teachers, staff, parents and the community by Aja Michael with Yolo Hospice.  

Click the link below to view a pdf version of the presentation.

Understanding and Supporting Grieving Students


District Announcements

Superintendent Buelna Says Goodbye

June 3, 2015


Good Bye! 

I wanted to share with all of you that it has been my greatest honor to serve as your Superintendent from December, 2007 until today.  I have watched many of you grow professionally and spend countless hours striving to improve the quality of program that you offer our students of EUSD.  I’ve attended graduation ceremonies that give well deserved accolades to the teachers of this district for the support and guidance you’ve provided our students.  

These last eight years of my career have been the most rewarding because I’ve worked with staff that puts students first.  In all of our decisions we have collectively thought of what’s best for kids.  All of you stepped up to the plate when we had devastating cuts to education; you sacrificed as a group when others around us did not.    I will continue to challenge any district that Esparto staff is the best!  I want to thank Jeff Sammons, Dave Yust, Hortencia Phifer, Marie DeGand, Tracy Anderson, Julie Jackson, Stephanie Dennis, and Mike Cunningham for the time and commitment you have given to the Collective Bargaining Units and working with administration as a team to come to resolution in all aspects of our job. 

A special mention to the following School Board members:  Allison Lucero, Jim Schulte, Bonnie Simas, Janine Gnoss, Pam Miller, Wendy England, Becky Schwenger, Jane Stallings and Rick Wilson for giving me the opportunity to serve Esparto.  Special thanks to Tim Brock for guiding me through my first few years of as superintendent also to the administrators who have served our district.

It is now time that I step aside and allow the new generation to take the reins to move the district forward and continue to focus on the students that we are all here to serve.  All of you will be facing the challenge of implementing the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) that focuses on English Learners, Low Social Disadvantaged and Foster Youth.  The program that we provide these students will need to be clearly articulated to the parents, community and State advocacy groups are already circling districts to challenge the LCAP that doesn’t articulate this information. 

The student results of the State Smarter Balanced Assessments that students have just completed or are completing will be mailed home within the next month.  Parents will have questions that must be addressed by all staff.  As a collective group keep in mind the following:  1. The Smarter Balanced Assessments focus on different standards than the past state assessments.  2.  This is a baseline year.  3.  CAASPP is a Computer based Smarter Balanced Assessment.  4. Standards are more rigorous and designed to prepare students for college.  5. The assessments demonstrate analytical writing, critical thinking and problem solving it is not just multiple choice test.  

Continue to BELIEVE that students can and will achieve as you are their greatest advocate!

Posted by: Susie Hedrick
Published: 6/11/15

Smarter Balance Assessments - Message to Parents

June 2, 2015

In an effort to assist parents with understanding what the new assessment results mean we have gone to Children Now Organization and are using their information sheets to provide parents with an understanding of the CAASPP student results.

Please see the attachment for more information.


Posted by: Susie Hedrick
Published: 6/2/15

Smarter Balanced Assessments – Mensaje para Padres

2 de junio 2015

En un esfuerzo por ayudar a los padres con entendimiento lo que los nuevos resultados de la evaluación significan que han tomado estamos usando a la organización de niños ahora y estamos utilizando sus hojas de información para proporcionar a los padres con una comprensión de los resultados de los estudiantes CAASPP.

Por favor, consulte el archivo adjunto para obtener información adicional.


Posted by: Susie Hedrick
Published: 6/2/15


To prepare all students to be life-long learners by providing an environment that motivates them to grow to their highest potential and become community-minded, responsible citizens who participate in and contribute to society.

Today: 6/29/15

NCLB LEA Plan 2014-2019

Common Core Staff Development

Esparto Unified School District will be providing Common Core Staff Development for all teachers this year.  For more information, click the link below:

YCOE Catapult Learning Common Core Staff Development


Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

For additional information regarding the new Local Control Funding Formula, Click Here