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District Announcements


Attention Students and Parents:

This is a reminder that new flashing light crosswalks have been installed along Yolo Avenue. We encourage our students to use these new sensor-operated safety features as they make their way to and from school each day. Our school principals will be talking to students about these new flashing light crosswalks. 


The Esparto Unified School District is set to receive a $120,000 grant to help support Career Technical Education programs in the district. The grant aims to increase Career-Technical Education in grades TK-12. The State Board of Education is expected to announce the recipients of the grant at their March meeting. The funding will be utilized to build stronger CTE programs at Esparto Elementary School and Esparto Middle School. Funding will also be used to create more field experiences for students at Esparto High School and Madison Community High School.


The Esparto Unified School District is proud to announce that the Esparto High School Advanced Placement team (led by Mr. Jeff Sammons and Mrs. Alexis Kersting) have been selected to make a presentation at the prestigious AP® Annual Conference. Mr. Sammons and his team submitted a presentation titled, "Creating and growing an AP program in a small rural high school." The district's AP program has been recognized by the College Board for increasing the number of students taking and passing AP exams.


This annual conference is regarded as the top professional development opportunity in advanced secondary education. Attendees include teachers of the more than 30 AP courses offered, counselors, superintendents, and school principals.


Three Esparto High School Students participated in the Lion's Club Speech Contest on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Students were asked to prepare a 5 to 10 minute speech on the topic of "Is the right to privacy a threat to our National Security?" 


The three students spoke gave wonderful speeches in which they summarized the arguments for the individual right to privacy, but recognized the importance of national security. Our two runner-ups were Oscar Murillo and Lizette Torres. They each received a certificate to commemorate their participation.


Ruby Virgen was selected as the winner of the Speech Contest. She will now be moving on to the Lions Club Zone Level. Speakers who make it through all four levels will gain scholarship funds in the amount of $22,000. Wishing Ruby the best in her pursuit of these scholarship funds!


The State Board of Education recently approved a new accountability system for all public schools in California. The new system will be called the California School Dashboard and is designed to provide parents with the ability to evaluate the eight state priority areas. 


School districts expect the California School Dashboard to be unveiled in March 2017 on the www.cde.ca.gov website. State Board of Education President Mike Krist described the new system as an important part of the process to improve public schools in California. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson describes the California Dashboard as an example of the collaborative, creative work of the diverse constituencies of the state's educational community.


School principals will hold workshops for parents to visit the webpage and learn about the new system. Please contact your school principals with any questions.



To prepare all students to be life-long learners by providing an environment that motivates them to grow to their highest potential and become community-minded, responsible citizens who participate in and contribute to society.



Student Achievement

Cuture of Wellness

Community Engagement

Staff Development

Human Resources

Fiscal Responsibility



  1. Create a District Organizational Structure for 2017-2018
    1. Develop an effective district organizational structure and reduce district administrative costs.
  2. Establish Conditions of Learning to retain staff, build strong relationships, implement standards, and offer broad course access.
    1. Engage in effective strategies to ensure completion of athletic fields project and create a system for regular facilities surveys.
    2. Increase student access to technology devices at all sites and utilize staff surveys, class visitations, and usage logs.
    3. Improve the district’s school nutrition program and utilize student surveys to address the quality of food served, increase participation at all sites and encourage nutrition instruction.
  3. Raise achievement across the curriculum and maintain a primary focus on literacy.
    1. Preparation for pupil proficiency in English and math on CAASPP assessments.
    2. Increased student access to inquiry-based lessons and laboratories in physical education, technology, visual/performing arts, science and history to support all students.  
    3. Increased student participation in visual and performing arts at the K-12 level to support all students.
    4. Improved vertical articulation based on development of a district Vertical Teaming Plan and a Career-Technical Education Plan8: Evaluate vertical articulation plan.
    5. Improve district-wide Response to Intervention strategies to support student achievement and identify struggling learners.
  4. Continue to promote school attendance, ensure graduation, encourage parent involvement, and create support structures for needy students.
    1. Provide effective student wellness programs through RTi and SST models.
    2. Support continued efforts to increase student attendance.


Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

For additional information regarding the new Local Control Funding Formula, Click Here